terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008


First of all, I would like to say I’m sorry to my readers for my absence in these last two weeks. Professional activities, including a stressing trip to Roraima (Brazil’s Northernmost State), made me out for some period. I am really sorry for this.

During my absence, Flamengo was forced to play with Nike sports equipment again. The US-giant company of sports equipment obtained an injunction at the Court of Sao Paulo State, and the Club was forced to follow the law issued by that court. Last week, Flamengo’s President Marcio Braga visited Brazil’s capital in order to find judicial ways and means to void such injunction. The judicial fight seems to be more painful and longer than expected, but we have to believe that the new Contract with Olympikus will bring many more advantages in all spheres.

Well, also during my absence, Flamengo played 4 matches with an astonishing performance: 3 victories and 1 drawing. The most spectacular victory was the one against Sport in the (bad) field of the opponent, with 2 goals of our “black angel” striker Obina in the injury time. In addition, Flamengo had victories over Nautico (home: 3-0) and Rio de Janeiro’s Vasco (neutral: 3-1, today July 13). Last Wednesday, Flamengo tied a match with Belo Horizonte’s Atletico Mineiro (1-1): an away match Flamengo was lucky, especially in the second half…

After this match against Atletico, 3 of our athletes had problems with hooks in a private party at the small farm of our goalkeeper Bruno in the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. Goalkeeper Bruno, Centre-Forward Marcinho (our top scorer) and Striker Diego Tardelli were fined in 20% of their salaries. However, in my point of view, such incident served to unite the group more and more and the behaviour of our Captain Fabio Luciano during the incident was brilliant. Today’s match really demonstrated what I am saying…

Flamengo simply crushed Vasco in Maracanã. Flamengo played easily and simply outclassed Vasco… Vasco’s political panorama suffered a major earthquake with the impeachment of former President and the inauguration of a new era at the Club, with the assumption of the most important former player of Vasco to the post of President. However, they continue facing the same old music of losses against the red & black stripped jersey… Flamengo supporters rendered their unconditional standard support to the squad in Maracanã, and Ibson (PK), Fabio Luciano and Cristian (a magnificent free shot from the outer area) gave final numbers to the match.

However, one real preoccupation arose… a piece of information exploded like a bomb at Flamengo headquarters. Our coach Caio Junior received a very good proposal from a Qatar team. Flamengo board of directors will do its best to keep Caio Jr, maybe using the money earned from the selling of our striker Renato Augusto to Germany’s Bayern Leverkusen. During this week, Flamengo will have a meeting with Caio Jr to sort out this case. The idea of both the board of Directors and, obviously, the full Red & Black Nation is to keep the coach, who gave a very good pattern and standard to the team in such a short period of time.

Now, almost one third of the championship is gone and Flamengo keeps the leadership since its very beginning… 5 points ahead Minas Gerais’s Cruzeiro and Rio Grande do Sul’s Gremio… an excellent performance of 78% of the points won, 11 matches, 8 winnings, 2 drawings and 1 defeat… 25 goals pro (tournament’s best attack) and 10 con. Our next appointment is away, against Coritiba, a team that is currently ranked 12th in the classification chart. We must keep the eyes very, very opened because the city of Curitiba always bring bad facts and big losses to Flamengo, especially in these last 10 years. It is time to change these statistics and make history.

Flamengo rules!


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