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Founded in 2003, FlamengoNET Blog is introducing its latest thing: an english review about the last week of Flamengo, the most popular brazilian football club. Our purpose is produce content for foreigners fans, all around the world, who can´t understand Portuguese. We really appreciate if all that fans could comment every post, in english, of course. If you want to be informed as soon a new content is published, send a mail to flamengo.english@gmail.com, please. Welcome and enjoy this debut.

Hi, My name is André Dória, 36 yrs old, Brazilian and Flamengo supporter. I am going to compile some info for foreigners who love Brazil’s MAIS QUERIDO (the most beloved), and its 30 State Championships, 5 Brazilian National Titles, 2 Brazil Cups, 1 Libertadores, 1 Toyota World Championship (against Liverpool in 1981: 3x0) and several other glories and titles.

Well, after the disaster of this year Libertadores, when the team was stunningly withdrawn by Mexico’s America in the round of 16, at home, by 3-0, the team is trying to awake from such punch, and the first results are already appearing.

In the fifth round, Flamengo is the current leader of Brazil’s “Serie A”, with 4 winnings and 1 draw… 11 goals pro and 2 suffered. A very good beginning for a team that has the support of 35 million fans. In the last match, Flamengo simply outclassed Santa Catarina State Figueirense, in Maracana by 5-0, with 2 goals of the striker Souza and 3 others of the attacking midfielder Marcinho, who is the current top scorer of the tournament with 5 goals.

Brazil’s Premiere League has the participation of 20 teams, contesting in a double round-robin format, with each team playing against each other home and away, and the team with most points is declared champion. Since 2003, there is no final match, which is a very controversial subject for the Brazilian standards.

Other very good horizon for Flamengo is the signature of the new contract to supply Flamengo’s sports materials in all divisions and all sports. The Brazilian Olympikus replaced the US-giant Nike and is now Flamengo’s official outfitter for the next five years. The R$ 170 million-contract (around US$ 100 million) is full of good perspectives, especially because, according to the club, Nike had several supplying problems of Flamengo official products in stores. In order to avoid these and other setbacks, Olympikus carried out a substantial market research before signing up with Flamengo. Olympikus will also build ten Flamengo thematic stores spread all over the country. The main store will be working alongwith a modern Flamengo museum at Gávea (Flamengo headquarters).

The most important store will be this one at Gavea. Surely, such store shall be linked to the museum and will become itself into a Rio hot tourist point. The other stores will be spread all over Brazil - in Northern, North-eastern and Centre-Western regions.

In basketball, Flamengo got its first championship last June 3, winning a 5-match playoff series against Federal Capital Team of Universo by 3x0. The last match was in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. As usual, Flamengo had the strong participation of a mass of supporters, which simply did not stop shouting, singing and supporting the team from the beginning of the game till its final second, when the team won over Universo by 101x97. Flamengo has such characteristic: wherever it goes, Flamengo plays home.

Well, this first contact was a little longer than expected. It’s an honour to write about one of my passions (Flamengo) for foreigners. I hope to see you again after Flamengo’s next match in “Serie A” against Sao Paulo FC at Maracanã Stadium. It is worth remembering that Sao Paulo FC is the current national champion but Flamengo shall overcome such barrier.


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